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Multi-Purpose Manual Die Bonder

The FINEPLACER® pico 2 is a multi-purpose, manual die bonder with placement accuracy down to 3 µm. Quick to set up and easy to operate, the system is ideal for fast and flexible product development and prototyping in R&D labs and universities.

We have designed the FINEPLACER® pico 2 to accommodate a large number of technology and process modules, as well as application-specific tools. Users can add third-party functionalities and further customize the bonding system at any time. If new functions are needed, the modular architecture allows on-site retrofitting throughout the entire service life.

Getting started is effortless.

The high-resolution vision alignment system supports adaptable fields of view and comes with adjustable RGB illumination. It can find the best color contrast between component and substrate and makes manual alignment straightforward and reliable.

The spacious working area supports 300 mm wafers and enables batch processes. This is complemented by a high-resolution bonding force module with a wide range of available forces, which can handle a full spectrum of different components.

Process creation is a breeze with the intuitive and powerful IPM Command bonding software. It allows users to concentrate on the core tasks involved in application development, thus minimizing operating errors. At the same time, users have access to an unparalleled range of parameter tweaking options for process optimization.

The FINEPLACER® pico 2 follows our “Prototype to Production” approach of a cross-system, unified hardware and software platform. It enables R&D processes to be seamlessly transferred with all their technological diversity from development lab to production environment.

By combining application flexibility, technological diversity, process reliability and compatibility with Finetech’s automated production bonders, the FINEPLACER® pico 2 offers an outstanding return on investment and is a natural starting point on the journey from concept to final product.

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Key Facts*

  • Numerous bonding technologies (adhesive, soldering, thermocompression, ultrasonic), including reflow soldering
  • Freely configurable RGB LED illumination for alignment
  • Excellent price performance ratio
  • Full process access & easy visual programming with touch screen interface
  • In-situ process observation in HD
  • Modular machine platform allows in-field retrofitting during entire service life
  • Manual or semi-automatic machine versions
  • Large bonding area
  • Placement accuracy of 3 µm
  • Unique FINEPLACER ® working principle
  • Synchronized control of all process related parameters
  • Overlay vision alignment system (VAS) with fixed beam splitter
  • Data/media logging and reporting function
  • Synchronized control of all process related parameters
  • Process module compatibility across Finetech platforms
  • Individual configurations with process modules
  • Wide range of controlled bonding forces
  • Sequence control with predefined parameters
  • Wide range of component presentation (wafer, waffle pack, Gel-Pak®)

*depending on configuration


Functions - Modules - Enhancements

Our die bonding solutions are as individual as our customers’ requirements and offer a wide range of configuration options. In addition to the system’s basic functions, which are part of the standard functional range, numerous process modules are available for each system, expanding the spectrum of applications. Retrofittable at any time, they enable additional die bonding technologies and processes either directly or as part of a module package. A selection of functional enhancements and accessory systems make daily work with the die bonder easier and help to make certain technology and process sequences even more efficient.

  • Automatic Dipping Unit

    Motorized dipping unit for viscous materials like flux or adhesives. Suitable for use with stamping tools or for direct dipping of various sized components. Adjustable for dipping baths with different thicknesses.

  • Automatic Tool Changer

    Use different tools or tool tips, automatic exchange in process.

  • Automatic Tool Changer

    Use different tools or tool tips, automatic exchange in process.

  • Bar Code Reader "SmartIdent"

    Enhances the functionality of the operating software. It enables a fast and safe identification of any board based on their unique bar code label(s).

  • Bonding Force Module (automatic)

    Enhances the existing bond force range and allows the use of software controlled process forces.

  • Bonding Force Module (manual)

    Provides various bonding force ranges and allows the mechanical adjustment of different process forces.

  • Camera Module (3D)

    For determining spatial coordinates of objects to be processed using image recognition (RGB lighting).

  • Camera Module (Up-Looking)

    For determining surface coordinates on the underside of captured objects using image recognition (RGB/coaxial illumination).

  • Camera Y-Shift Module

    Allows extending the field of view in Y-direction.

  • Chip Heating Module

    Direct contact heating from the top with chip specific tool design to apply temperature from the chip side. E.g. used for thermocompression, gluing or ACA bonding

  • Component Presentation

    Allows presentation of components via Gel-Pak®, VR trays, waffle packs or tape holders as well as the support of dipping trays.

  • Die Eject Module with Carousel

    Used to pick up components with the placement arm directly from blue tape with the use of different eject tools. Supports snap rings and wafer frames.

  • Die Eject Module

    Used to pick up components with the placement arm directly from blue tape. Supports snap rings and wafer frames.

  • Die Flip Module

    Allows flipping of components prior to face-down assembly.

  • Direct Component Printing Module

    Applying solder paste made easy by printing directly on the component | An “all in one“ solution for reworking QFN, SON and MLF components.

  • Dispense Module

    Integration of dispensing systems for applying adhesive, flux, solder paste or other pasty material. Various supported types like time-pressure, volume and jet dispensers.

  • Dual-Camera Optics

    Together with the main camera, the additional camera allows two object field sizes without zoom or different object field positions. Improves the display of large objects and thus accelerates the workflow.

  • FPXvisionTM

    Ensures a high resolution at all magnification levels.

  • Flip Chip Test Module

    The “Known Good Die" testing allows chip probing / testing prior to the bonding process.

  • Form Generator

    Software extension for creating and using virtual forms in the camera image to support relative and face-up alignment processes.

  • Formic Acid Module

    Creates an inert or reactive (CH2O2) process atmosphere. Used to reduce and prevent oxidation during soldering (e.g. eutectic or indium bonding). Add-on for Substrate Heating Modules.

  • Gap Adjustment Module

    For precisely setting a defined gap between component and substrate.

  • HEPA-Filter

    Integrated HEPA filter for cleaning the atmosphere in a closed system. Enables clean room conditions and reduces particle contamination.

  • Handling Module

    Used to handle substrates or components independently from the bonding tool.

  • Height Scanner (3D camera)

    For determining heights, lengths and coordinates of objects to be processed by image recognition (RGB illumination/coaxial illumination).

  • Height Sensor (Autofocus)

    Allows automatic focus setting of component and substrate as well as height measurements.

  • Height Sensor (Laser)

    Allows sensing of heights by means of Laser triangulation for measuring purposes.

  • Height Sensor (mechanical)

    For determining heights, lengths and coordinates of objects to be processed by mechanical path measurement.

  • High Resolution Optics

    Allows using different achromatic lenses to adapt the field of view and optical resolution.

  • I/O Lift System

    Automatic substrate or boat unloading from magazines / loading into magazines.

  • I/O Panel Handling System

    Automatic loading and unloading of large panels or substrates.

  • ID Code Reader

    Allows reading of ID codes of various types like barcodes, 2D-codes and RFIDs.

  • Indexer/Conveyor

    For automatic loading / unloading of substrates. Width-adjustable for various substrate dimensions.

  • Laser Activation Module

    Activation / ignition of reactive materials such as nanofoils by laser pulse.

  • Laser Heating Module

    Allows ultra-fast heat cycles du to an integrated high power laser source

  • Lift Station

    Lifting objects from conveyor units into a processing position.

  • Manual Dipping Unit

    Manual squeegee units for viscous materials like adhesives or flux. Suitable for use with stamping tools or for direct dipping of various sized components. With adaptable layer thicknesses.

  • Mask Generator "Scaled"

    Software extension for creating and projecting virtual masks to simplify alignment processes. These masks can be combined to scale from several objects.

  • Motorized Nick & Roll Motion

    Tilting unit with motorized angular adjustment in the axes phi(X) and phi(Y). This nick and roll movement can be used for parallel positioning or for bonding at certain angular positions.

  • Motorized Z Table

    Positioning table with motorized z-travel for automatic working height adaptation; with manual x, y adjustment via micrometer screws.

  • Optics Shifting

    Allows to adjust different camera positions along the x-axis of the system. Useful to align large components with maximum magnification.

  • Overlay vision alignment system (VAS) with fixed beam splitter

    Precise visual alignment of chip and substrate.

  • Pattern Recognition

    Software tool to recognize various alignment marks. Used to control the position or alignment between component and substrate.

  • Plasma Cleaning

    Preparation of assembly surfaces using atmospheric plasma for better wetting during joining processes.

  • Precision Scale

    SPC (Statistical Process Control) for dispensing volumes in the automatic process flow.

  • Process Gas Module

    Controls an inert or reactive (H2N2) atmosphere in an enclosure or with the bond head. Used to prevent or reduce oxidation during soldering or bonding.

  • Process Gas Selection

    Enhances a process gas module to handle two different gases for programmed selection in the process.

  • Process Video Module

    Allows the in-situ observation of the working area during the bonding process.

  • Programmable Wafer Changer with Cassette Lift

    Accommodates 300 mm wafer cassettes. Programmable speed and slots.

  • Scrubbing Module

    Improve the wetting condition of bonding surfaces and reduces voids. Oxide layers are scrubbed off in a low frequency mechanical sonic process.

  • Solder Removal Module

    Removed in one sweep | Allows precise residual solder removal in an inert atmosphere*. Molten solder is easily removed from the board with powerful vacuum without disturbing any pads or solder resist.

  • Substrate Heating Module

    Various direct contact heating options to heat up substrates from the bottom during the process. Substrate-specific fixations available. Optionally with process gas integration. Used e.g. for thermocompression, thermal adhesive or thermosonic bonding.

  • Substrate Support

    Unheated support plate with substrate specific fixation (e.g. vacuum) to clamp various substrates.

  • Target Finder

    A small red point accelerates the working flow | Enables coarse position alignment of the table to the tool with the help of a laser spot.

    Read more (PDF, 0.3 MB)
  • Tool Tip Changer

    Use different tools or tool tips in process.

  • Traceability Module

    Automatic tracking and logging of all process relevant parameters (e.g. temperature, force, etc.) as well as associated component details (e.g. serial numbers).

  • Tray & Tape Feeder

    Infeed/outfeed of objects for automatic processing in larger quantities on a minimal presentation area.

  • UV Curing Module

    Provides ultra violet LED-light in various wave lengths for adhesive processes without thermal influence. The UV source can be attached to the tool or mounted to the substrate holder.

  • Ultrasonic Module

    Enables ultrasonic or thermosonic bonding. Transmits mechanical energy based on lateral movement of the ultrasonic transducer to the component while it is in contact with the substrate.

  • Vacuum Chamber Module

    Enables bonding processes within a system integrated vacuum chamber. No extra handling steps and fully software controlled.

  • Wafer Changer

    Accommodates 300 mm wafer cassettes. Programmable speed and up to 24 slots.

  • Wafer Heating Module

    Special substrate heating module designed for large wafers. Very uniform heat distribution during chip to wafer or wafer to wafer bonding.

  • Wafer Table

    Automatically positions and indexes the wafer over the Die-Ejector.

  • Zoom Optics

    Allows the adaptation of the Vision Alignment System for an optimized view of components and substrates.

Technical Paper

High-precision die bonder for the Electronic Coast®

How the University of South-Eastern Norway relies on Finetech assembly and packaging equipment to facilitate innovation in one of country’s top microtechnology regions.

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